Remove unwanted p tags on WordPress

Here in this short guide you will learn how to remove unwanted p tags on wordpress. Sometimes WordPress sites automatically generate unwanted <p> tags within content. This may create unwanted white spaces which may not good for designing your site or content. Example Problem: <p>This is paragraph 1.</p> <p>This is paragraph 2.</p> <p></p> <p>This is

History of Linux Timeline

How Linux born? Is it coming from Unix?  Here is a brief Linux history timeline. Let’s Start. 1968 E.W. Dijkstra develops MULTICS (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service), a time-sharing operating system in the Netherlands. 1968 Bell Telephone (AT&T) lab researcher Ken Thompson developed a new system using MULTICS. His co-worker Brian Kernigham dubbed it UNICS(Uniplexed

Best Free Screen Recorder Windows 10

Screen recorder is an amazing helpful feature for those who want to record or capture videos of the activity on Windows 10 PC. There are lot of screen recorder for windows 10 is available on the internet. But there is no need to download or install any external applications on your Windows 10 PC to

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites

Whether you want to hang around with friends, share photos with your loved ones or to follow daily inspirational quotes, social media sites are the best suite for it. The rapid growth in technology and an increase in the availability of internet services helps people to get connected through social media sites with just a

Cyber Security Without Peoples Effort is Impossible

Government, Cyber Security Organizations and IT companies are doing their best to protect their user’s digital information. But if “People” itself will not take part in it then it becomes impossible to completely protect their valuable data. And peoples effort is one of the important aspects of Cyber Security. Our digital world is very much

How to avoid Fake News on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great way of communication medium to talk with people anywhere in the world. There you can chat with friends, send files, images, videos and more. Millions of news and messages are sent all over the world everyday with the help of WhatsApp Messaging Application. And when you like or show interest in

Data Privacy Day: Personal Data Protection Guide

Data Privacy Day is observed in every year on 28th January, and it is first observed in 2007 by the Council of Europe. The purpose of the data privacy day is to aware people about protecting their data online and offline. Here in this post i will share with you some of the best practices

EMV Chip Card Technology

Today when i was busy with my work suddenly received a message on my phone asking me to contact with my bank branch immediately to migrate my debit card into EMV Chip-Based card. I am using my debit card from a long time ago but never changed or replaced it yet. But as it is

What is Cyberbullying | Where and How Cyberbullying Occurs

In this post i am going to tell you about Cyberbullying, a online bullying or cyberharassment that is increasing day by day on the internet. Also i will discuss about How and where cyberbullying or cyberharassment happening and how to stop or get rid of cyberbullers. Many times we saw that on the internet a