Sukanta Das

Sukanta Das is a web based software developer and online marketing professional. Sukanta is notable for providing guides to build and grow businesses online. He is the founder of WideBinary, a site that provides latest tutorials on technology, blogging, website development, and marketing for start-ups, entrepreneurs and managers.

Sukanta Das is also the owner of WebRangoon, a web services provider based in India. WebRangoon provides web design and marketing services including website design, eCommerce development, business software development, mobile applications design, SEO, social media marketing and much more.

Sukanta graduated from the West Bengal University of Technology, India.

Das is a certified IT professional by CISCO and IIT Madras. He lives in West Bengal, India.

To hire Sukanta for a web development or digital marketing consultation please visit our services contact page to learn more about pricing and how to hire Sukanta.

You can follow him on Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook or read his latest tech and business tutorials at WideBinary.

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