How to Retrieve Whatsapp Messages from Lost Phone

There is nothing more painful than to lost our mobile phone. We store many important things in our smartphones like; personal notes, photos, videos, documents, chat, emails and digital wallets. So it is not only that phone you have lost, there is a chance of leaking your private information also. And like smartphones WhatsApp also

WhatsApp Security Tips

Sometimes people faces some issues with their WhatsApp account. And people started thinking that their WhatsApp account is hacked and someone else is accessing and intercepting over their Whatsapp chats, Videos and all other things. Here in this post we are going to tell you all the things about WhatsApp Account issue, WhatsApp Security and

Virtual Keyboard: How and Why Should You Use It

Virtual Keyboard or On-Screen keyboard is an alternative to an conventional keyboard. It is a software component that is used by computer users to enter text. Virtual keyboard can be operated using touchscreen devices, computer mouse or an actual keyboard. Operating systems like; Windows, Mac or Linux have a pre installed virtual keyboard, that you