How to avoid Fake News on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great way of communication medium to talk with people anywhere in the world. There you can chat with friends, send files, images, videos and more. Millions of news and messages are sent all over the world everyday with the help of WhatsApp Messaging Application. And when you like or show interest in

Data Privacy Day: Personal Data Protection Guide

Data Privacy Day is observed in every year on 28th January, and it is first observed in 2007 by the Council of Europe. The purpose of the data privacy day is to aware people about protecting their data online and offline. Here in this post i will share with you some of the best practices

How to Create a Strong Password

It is always a best practice to choose a strong and secure password to protect your information that stored digitally. To create a strong password you can use a trusted password generator, password manager or password checker tools available on the internet. But the best practice is to create your password manually. And To create

Credit Card Fraud: Recognize, Protect & Prevent Card Scams

In today’s digital world we are using our credit cards for cashed & cashless transactions in every places like; ATM’s, Gas Stations, Shopping Malls, Online Payment Gateways and etc. But now time has come, when we need to aware about the proper usage of credit Cards to avoid fraudulent activity with our cards. Here in