History of Linux Timeline

How Linux born? Is it coming from Unix?  Here is a brief Linux history timeline. Let’s Start. 1968 E.W. Dijkstra develops MULTICS (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service), a time-sharing operating system in the Netherlands. 1968 Bell Telephone (AT&T) lab researcher Ken Thompson developed a new system using MULTICS. His co-worker Brian Kernigham dubbed it UNICS(Uniplexed

Best Free Screen Recorder Windows 10

Screen recorder is an amazing helpful feature for those who want to record or capture videos of the activity on Windows 10 PC. There are lot of screen recorder for windows 10 is available on the internet. But there is no need to download or install any external applications on your Windows 10 PC to

How to Download Your Facebook Data Including Messenger Chat

If you want to download a copy of your Facebook data including; your Facebook account contacts, post, pages, and messenger chat history then this tutorial will help you to do this with ease. There is a cool function on the Facebook settings page, using which you can easily download or export your Facebook account information

WhatsApp Security Tips

Sometimes people faces some issues with their WhatsApp account. And people started thinking that their WhatsApp account is hacked and someone else is accessing and intercepting over their Whatsapp chats, Videos and all other things. Here in this post we are going to tell you all the things about WhatsApp Account issue, WhatsApp Security and

Why You Should Activate Google Two Step Verification

2 step verification for your google account is a great security feature for protecting your online data that linked with Google products like; Gmail, Google drive, Playstore and others. By using 2 step verification you can not only protect your password but can protect your device also. If you are thinking that your password is

Digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin : Mining Process, How to Buy, Legal Usage

Bitcoin is a first decentralized digital currency. It is a cryptocurrency that works without any centralized organization or government or any single individual. Bitcoin does not have any physical appearance. And it gets stored in your digital wallet directly. This digital currency Bitcoin is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, a people or group of people from

Double Locker Android Ransomware: How to Stay Safe

A ransomware called Double Locker is making damages to android smartphones. DoubleLocker Ransomware is a malicious ransomware that can changes your smartphone’s pin and encrypt your data. Also, it may ask you for money in bit coin to recover the encrypted data. And there is no guarantee to get your data recovered even after paying

Public Wifi Security Risks & How to Stay Safe

Free public wifi become an open and easy option to get connected with the internet. In different places where we travel like; in cafe’s, restaurants, hotels, offices, trains and everywhere offer free on the go wifi services to the public. And we people get easily connected with those free wifi hotspots. We browse social media

10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Email Hacking

Email hacking is the unauthorized access to an email account. If an hacker or any skilled computer expert able to get your email account details (ID, Password etc), then the person can easily keep eyes on your emails. And we all know that email is used nowadays for all the digital transmission of data. So

How VPN Works

VPNs actually extends a private network across a public or shared network. Using VPNs user can send and receive data securely and anonymously across the internet. In real life VPNs are typically used for mainly two reasons; 1. By using VPNs an employee can access the company’s private network (intranet) from home or any geographical