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We are currently accepting well-written and high-quality articles for our site. If you have experience with computer technology, software, gadgets, website development, web design, and digital marketing, you can send us your article to publish on our website.

For each article, you can send your “author bio” that we will add at the end of your article. The author bio section may contain your website link, Linkedln, Twitter, and Facebook profile link. But please note, all links will be of no-follow type.

Article Submission Guidelines:

The article should be tech-related and match our website content. It should be Plagiarism Free, 100% Unique, and should Pass Copyscape Premium.

  • Article Title: Article title should not exceed 70 characters.
  • Article Body: Article Body should contain at least 1000 Words. You can include heading, list, or code in between your content. In the article body, you may add any relevant external links but, we cannot guarantee to publish all those links. Our editorial team will review those links, and if they think it is suitable, they will post those links. Otherwise, they may remove those links. In general, all the external links are no-follow type.
  • Tag/Keyword: You can suggest up to 5 tags/keywords.
  • Images: Images should be related to your content & width should be 640 pixels.
  • Author Bio: Author Bio should not exceed 50 words.
  • Format: Send your article in .DOC or .DOCX or .TXT format only.

It may take a maximum of 14 days to review and publish your article on our website. Please, be patient after submitting your article to us.

Remember, after your article gets published on our website, you are not allowed to republish the article in any way, shape, or form.

You should follow all the article submission guidelines before sending your article. Because once we publish your article we will not be able to remove them from our site. If you are not comfortable with our guidelines, please do not send your article.

Submit Your Article:

If you are interested to publish your article on our site, please send your query to [email protected] to book a publishing slot. After we confirm the publishing slot, you can send your article to us. When submitting your article to us, please make sure your article contains the following.

  • Article Title
  • Article Body
  • Image
  • Tag/Keyword
  • Author Bio including Website, Twitter, Linkedln, & Facebook Profile Link

If you have any other query related to article submission, please mail us at [email protected]